Chiists are supposed to be happy! It is the glory of Chineke!

“Heal the spirit, for it is the spirit that absorbs the remnants of the hurt after the physical being is forlorn with injury”…Nkomii Di Nso (Holly Nkomii)

Just because somebody hurt you does not mean you need to stay in the “hurt.” You can begin a new journey…grow… think anew! Though the road to this point has been rocky, clear the rocky minefield of your past! Though the garden of your dreams have gathered moss, plant new wild flowers and water them with the pure rain of your aspirations!

For healing to commence and spiritual regeneration begin, you must know what caused the hurt. Your spirit has the capacity to regenerate but the source of the injury must be identified. To find the source of your pain, ask yourself these questions
1. Do I want to continue to live in lack?
2. Do I deserve to be happy
3. Does the thing, place, people make my life better or worse?
4. Do I really want to change?

Identify everything that stymie your well-being and let them go!! Mental cells need a pathway along which to breed. Alongside most hurt is the collection of historical collage of persons, things, thoughts and places that must be shed in the open so that the ears can absorb new sounds, the eyes can see new places to be and the heart can love new people.

Pain and most spiritual contaminants do not destroy the CHI; it will continue to exist even when the joy cells appear dead. Although many of our old perceived sources of joy may be gone, there is typically hidden joy, meaning that there are patches of joy cells still alive. Additionally the spiritual framework of the mind and heart remains completely intact and are rejuvenated. Focus your mind and body to recharge the spiritual electrodes through commitment to self, meditation, libations, and gratitude for breath!

Will yourself back into spiritual and physical health by coming out of the shadows of your past, control the storm of today and embrace the light of tomorrow. Is it this easy…who knows? However, unless you get started, how would you know?

“Uzo di Anya, were nwayo je ya ubochi abuo…if the journey is long, we take our time and travel in two days instead of one” …Nkomii Di Nso (Holy Nkomii). Take your time to heal, but start the journey! If in doubt, check in with your CHI…that’s the trick!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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