In Chiism, we believe we must create leaders with compassion. We believe that Before legislators and elected politicians can begin serving their time as the decision makers in our society they should serve a year of apprenticeship in the lives of those most vulnerable in our society. Let them live a year as a homeless person. Let them raise a crack baby. Let them be given a felon record then be told to go out and find a job. Let them live on food stamps and try to feed a family. Compassion is not something you are born with. Its something you have to learn. A wealthy politician has no concept of the harm they do when they destroy social safety nets. They should be required to need those safety nets so they can best understand them. In Chiism we say” Onye ma echi…who knows tomorrow or the future? Before you determine somebody’s future, live it in the present so you understand what the future may bring!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke



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3 Responses to OBASI OHA TRACS

  1. I would urge LEADERS to use THEIR empathy and visualize life without the critical good fortunes that enable people to gain employment or continue education – i.e. the care and ability of family to house, feed, transport, clothe and provide childcare while you look for work or education, which by the way is very costly; along with the fortune of finding a job in an economy where there are few, and many of those that remain are often poorly paid, uncertain or part time – even for the righteous with an education.

  2. Elections have consequences! The deficiency of an efficient “safety net” in many places all over the world will only get worse when we have people who claim holiness, but reject the love of God as their true mantra for living and working. For all of us who would rather complain and choose not to be engaged in the politics of today, wake up or pay the price when the wrong leadership is elected into office! These vacuous leaders will shred any and all federal resources from any and all public programs. If you want a world run by people who think that women ought to clutch an aspirin between their knees as a socially satisfactory means of contraception or public schools so insolvent that students are shepherd into religious charter schools like cattle, you can make it happen. Social and welfare programs in states like Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama are already being pushed out of existence by their draconian governors and state legislators. Some wrong thinking people elected these backward thinking individuals. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled again by these contrived Ads that assume we are ignorant! Imagine how much harm they can do if we elect more of them again.

    For the love of the creator, please register yourself (the cats, the dogs and the one eyed raccoon) to vote in this election and vote sensibly!


  3. Such a tragedy what is happening to vulnerable families. As States reallocate resources intended to help people get back on their feet, many children are becoming malnourished, abused and abandoned. These ledger dealings destroy and diminish individual lives. Who is worthy/not worthy of the dignity of a helping hand? Who decides that answer?

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