Chiism has several books that are very good to read for better understanding of the Religion

  • African Godianism.An analysis of the life of Ahanyi KOK Onyioha and his odyssey toward the founding of Chiism(Godianism).
  • The Shrines of Africa. Under the co-coordinating and dignifying umbrella of Chiism(Godianism) the Shrines will be studied, their mysteries will be pried into, improved upon, and harnessed to the service of humanity.  These practices will be harmonized to give Africans common behavioral pattens and a stronger foundation for international unity based on the authentic cultural traditions and values of all African communities.
  • The 18 Purgative lights of Chiism(Godianism). This Sacred text is sourced from the teachings of our Spiritual leader, His Holiness, Ogbaja Ahanyi K.O.K Onyioha, the originator of our spiritual freedom and the teacher of our bond to the divine source, Chineke. We are sanctified in the memory of his spiritual wisdom and sacrifice. In the Nkomii and 18 purgative lights we find the wisdom of Chineke and the guide for a wholly spiritual way of life for Chiists (Godians) who worship Chineke directly without passing through any medium. We honor our Igbo traditions, by honoring Chineke without prejudice that Chineke has a different name in different cultures, yet represents the same Supreme Spirit. The Purgative Lights are pragmatic social behavior necessary to reform our attitude towards one another and helps us reaffirm our personal closeness to Chineke from the diverse spiritual dictates of our cultural backgrounds, without hate and without quarrels.
  • The Holy Nkomii. Ancient human society had the spiritual teachings that supported and sustained primordial traditional life. Herein revealed are the most ancient of  world cosmogony that got muddled in midstream with the human dispersal from Africa and the passage of time. The similarities in the narration in this Nkọmịị on creation, to the renditions of the recent religions, will be an enlightenment for those not privy to the fact that some of the renditions about creation, first humans on Earth and the commandments for spiritual and moral rectitude as narrated by the recent religions are distillates from the original, divine teachings illuminated herein.




  1. These books are coming soon to Amazon.Com. Stay Tuned!

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