candlesNde Ife…A young woman called me to advise me that she wished to commit suicide because life is so difficult for her and she wanted to end it all. She hated the way she looked, her family was dysfunctional and she simply could not manage her life anymore. She has tried the crisis center but they always preached religious precepts that she believes are lies and it made her angrier. She wanted to try Chiism because her cousin though we might help.

I started by advising her that the one spirit Chineke  who makes sure she has breath, and continues to inhale and exhale each day must think she was special for her to continue to have that gift. It is a gift that even the most functional, richest and brightest people may not always have because they die and must continue on their journey toward the renewal of their spirit. She still has the opportunity to do some things while she still has breath.

Focusing on our looks and what people think about our condition in life is frankly the real reason why we suffer. I shall continue to work with this young woman as she begins to change her mindset about herself and the relevance of the opinion of others. It is never who likes you that matters. What matters is how good you feel about yourself so that you can see the way clear to like other people too!

May Chineke’s grace light your way today!

Otito Nile Diri Chinke!



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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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