Read these entries on the origin of Chiism(Godianism). The questions aid you in understanding Chiism and the purpose that we are proponents.  Please feel free to ask questions for additional clarification. There are twenty questions that we shall answer. It is our hope that this aids you in understanding us better. Think deep!



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    • So sorry my response was late. Everything ended in the trash bin! Thanks for your recommendation.I shall write other topics. Thus far, I have not run into internet compatibility challenges. I am sorry but I am not very tech savvy beyond what I do here 😦

  2. 5566ogo says:

    This chiism is it a religion or a fraternity or a cult? And if they believe in GOD, do they also believe in JESUS CHRIST the son of the most high GOD?

    • Thank you for your inquiry. Chiism is a synthesis of Africa’s spiritual tradition of worshiping Chineke(the creator) directly without passing through any medium, unlike Christianity whose medium is Jesus Christ or Islam whose medium is Muhammad. A cult is” idolization of somebody or something: an extreme or excessive admiration for a person, philosophy of life, or activity” Christianity has this adulation of Jesus Christ and the Muslim faith for Muhammad. I wonder if the use of Cult is not more descriptive of Christianity and Islam because Christians are taught to adhere to dogmatic precepts that if not adhered to have consequences such as going to hell to burn for eternity. It is the collective thought of its adherents who believe that their way is the only way to know God. Chiism does not put such constraints on anyone.

      In Chiism we believe that everyone is connected to Chineke (Igbo word for the creator) directly, through spirit energy of Chineke called Chi and thus guided directly without intermediary. We know we can believe as our ancestors did since the world was not created by man. No group can lay any ownership of God as a consequence of any spiritual path. Our modus operandi is “Biri Ka M Biri which means “Live and Let Live”. Consequently, it does not matter to us how you go to Chineke…just get there.

      Jesus Christ is relevant in the consciousness of Christians. Since Chiists do not adhere to Christian philosophy, he has no consequential relevance to our spiritual reality, though we respect his relevance in yours.

      Again thank you for your contribution. My Chi honors yours,


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