racismNde Ife…I heard something that I pray that I shall never hear again. An African business owner who owns an African gourmet store indicated that she desperately needed staff so I found her an African American employee. She proceeded to advise me that she does not employ African Americans. She prefers to employ only white American employees because black employees cannot be trusted. I was so shocked I had to compose myself. Surely she is at liberty to hire whoever she wants, but where does any African person come up with such asinine nonsense? Why would a successful person in the position to help the African American community choose not to? How can any African business person say that knowing fully well that the African American community could use her help? Why does she expect African Americans to support her business but she cannot support them??

Sadly this is the second time I have heard this. The other lady I heard it from was African American.

Take a good look! Some racists look like you and me. The difference is that they hate their own!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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One Response to OBASI OHA TRACS

  1. This lady got an ear full from me. Here she was complaining about working in the store when she would rather be doing something else, but holding out for white employees! There is nothing wrong with equal opportunity for all, but completely rejecting your own?? I explained to her that I truly believe that the reason she has such an aversion stems not from whatever issues she may have experienced with past African Americans employees, her issue is her failure to conduct good recruitment practices and poor management skills.

    When I operated group homes for the developmentally challenged, 70 percent of my employees were African Americans. I had issues with employees of the different races, but I never made the decision to abandon any particular group. Instead I changed my processes so that the employees became more knowledgeable, better trained and I strived to make them feel good about their job. I gave bonuses to deserving employees and gave an extra day a month off with pay. All employees were paid their overtime pay as reported on their time cards. We still had some employees that had to go, but it was never because of their race!

    At some point, we have to stop blaming other people for our own inadequacies and stop listening to Fox News! Educating ourselves about issues that uplift us individually and collectively becomes a mandate for African progress. It must not ever be tolerated for Africans to continue to be the source of pain for each other. We are far greater than we have been given credit and we give to ourselves.

    We should apply the spider web syndrome, helping African businesses with using good leadership and African human capital in the area of success planning, cultural dynamics and professionalization of their business. Support for each other is support for community. This is what Ujaama and Ujima stand for –collective work and responsibility, and cooperative economics respectively. We must individually be that change we want to see in each other. There is an Igbo proverb that reminds us that “Onye ajuru aju anaghi aju onwe ya…just because anyone rejects you does not mean you should do the same!”

    I am not letting this sister go. She will get frequent reminders to get the training she needs to better herself and dispel her internal war. It will help her and her business. In the long run, that matters.

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