abraham_isaacNde ife… quite scary how Abraham “a man who was willing to question authority and refute the superstitions of worshiping material objects” spawned  Christian Abrahamism/Monotheism, which then goes on to preach & practice the same exclusivity & dogmatism that the author does so much hand-wringing about.

People invoking Abrahamic beliefs & practices as an example to follow – in this day & age that too – should do a little more introspection by stepping outside of their framework (indoctrination?) on why it is that in practice, it has led to the most intolerant practices observed on the global scale over the past 2000+ years.

While at it, they should also question the idea of “one person, one religion” – again a serious Abrahamic truth claim – and why it is that Eastern thought & other non-Abrahamic thought never foisted this insider/outsider distinction on people, societies, & cultures.

While at it, why do revealed religions discredit a traditional religious community ? The answer will show the glaring faultlines of Western Abrahamic thought which is divisive at it’s core, rending the human being from his/her organic connection to Earth & organic community/family, by seductive visions of an “otherworldly” artificial “community in God/Church”

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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