14802693-3d-people--human-character--person-hanging-from-a-cliff--3d-render-illustrationOff the Cliff!

A friend was discussing a concern about how we are relating to each other as individuals, collectively and as a Community in America and Diaspora. This is my response to her concern:

I was reading a chapter by Wade W. Nobles on Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic, Black) Thought and The Development of African (Black) Psychology. In relating our actions to our deeper psychological and spiritual centers, Dr. Nobles (1986) stated, “in order to overcome the dangerous limitations and misinterpretations associated with this dilemma, one must attempt to seek out and utilize the techniques of thinking practiced by the ancients. The ancient African technique of thinking depended upon a fuller and richer integration of Mind, Body and Spirit” (p. 101). The problem we have today is that we are thinking too much with the body, less with the mind and we are almost totally devoid of Spirit. Consequently, “the natural consciousness of Black people has been forced to relate to a reality defined by the broken cultural prerequisites of the dominant culture. Such a situation is tantamount to Black people living in an insane environment. That is, it is insane for our people (in America, Africa or Diaspora), where national consciousness understands the interdependence and harmonious aspects with a reality which is based on independence (selfishness) and conflict (competition) in the universe” (Nobles, 1986, p. 111). I wonder how long its going to take us to understand that “who we are and our view of “self” to be contingent upon the existence of and interconnectedness with others (The Oneness of Being).” It is imperative that we begin to re-integrate Mind, Body and Spirit so that our thinking will allow us to remember and understand that our individual existence is at the level of the family or peoplehood. The longer we fail to realize that our peoplehood is the source of our being and definition; the longer we engage and demonstrate the mental disorder of (1) “alien-self disorder” wherein our thoughts and actions are characterized by an active “rejection” of ourselves and our natural and/or ethnic dispositions; and (2) an “anti-self disorder” wherein our thoughts and actions are characterized by an overwhelming identification with the dominant/oppressive alien social group and the adoption of an active hostility to one’s group of origin and other self destructive disorders” (Nobles, 1986, p. 113). In America we were brought into a “broken system” of American Slavery and most of what we learned came from this “broken system.” It was the traditional African metaphysical/spiritual aspects of our ancestors that bandaged that broken system–grudgingly forcing some humanity to those who enslaved us. And much of Africa suffers from the co-dependent effects of the Tri-Angular Slave Trade and Colonialism. But every generation that becomes more removed from those traditional metaphysical/spiritual African (Kemetic, Black) roots allows the wound to become re-infected worse than before. And we are forgetting how to integrate our thinking with Mind, Body and Spirit!

Oke Nchuaja Ikenna Osimiri
Global Faith Ministries of Chiism (Godianism)
Reference: Karenga, M., Carruthers, J. (1986). Selected Papers of the Association For the Study of Classical African Civilizations–Conference Proceedings 1984-1985, Kemet and the African Worldview. University of Sankore Press, Los Angeles.


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