Religions–all of them– depend on the people to believe that their clergy are unique, gifted, able to communicate and interpret for their various “Gods”. That interpretation often consists of some type of “God wants you to confer me wealth”. It is heartbreaking that so many are hoodwinked into believing these people have some special pipeline to The unseen Man in the Sky, be they a monk, Pope, rabbi or pastor. All are simply human beings with no unique capacity other than allure. However, such charisma can be used for good not to lie and cheat. Despite the vows they take to lead a life of celibacy or simplicity, they develop a taste for luxury. Their excesses come to light when they are arrested for engaging in the very activities they abhor for their followers.

Caution. People should not throw the baby out with the bathwater and claim that all clergy are corrupt, which is not true. We all have faults we need to fight and correct. No one is immune. However, please make sure you are not the enabler of bad religious charlatans by rewarding their bad conduct!

Otito nile diri Chineke!



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