religion_bbc1Religious illiteracy is out of control in the world particularly for those who are the most zealous and fanatical about their religious viewpoint and methods of God worship!  Sin is not simply the engagement in illicit and criminal behavior.  Too often folks believe swiftly and easily what their “religious leaders” tell them even if they know that what is being propagated is foundationally deceptive. Intelligence though has become an anomaly, replaced instead with modicums of repressive ideas that blind faith stands as virtuously higher.

Religious bigotry and ignorance is a dangerous game, especially since the power of the religions in the world deeply affects our social policies. We all need to be educated about Christianity, Islam, holy texts and other powerful religions: ignorance will not trounce lack of knowledge. And unfortunately what “they” learn is interpretation filtered through others’ perspectives, ideologies and prejudices with particular weight on cafeteria religion–carefully choosing only that which cultivates their bias.

Chiism is knowledge based spiritual path. Chiism empowers and promotes knowledge filtered from both the wisdom of the elders, pragmatic experiences, and written works that welcome didactive discussions and enlightenment. It is so because Chiists believe that Chineke does not punish intelligence…it is a spiritual mandate and an expression of the glory of Chineke.

Open your mind…it is an expectation for spiritual growth and mental health!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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  1. Dr. Uwa Osimiri says:

    Religion isn’t like race. First of all it’s chosen, voluntary. But secondly and more importantly it has propositional content: religions are packages of claims that are either true or false.

  2. ikenna osimiri says:

    Well said!

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