Untitled-1 copyCommon sense is also part of spiritual growth. What would you say about the mental health of a person who is advised by someone on their first date “I love you immeasurably, and just have your paramount interest at heart, but should you ever stop loving me or violate one of my rules, I will make you suffer for eternity”, and decides to go into a liaison with that individual?
But he adores you, very much. Just a little bit envious, abusive, but affectionate! Look in the mirror and speak to that person.

We pass this on to our children and they pass it on to theirs and pretty soon we have generations of fearful people cowered by fear of the very Spirit that we are supposed to love and who loves us.

Contrary to popular belief, Chineke is not the Punisher in Chief!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!

Ya Gazie!


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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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