bostonDear Chineke, please do what you do best…heal. Our lives are being torn apart all over the world…in Africa…Middle East…North/ South America, and Asia. We share the world with so many people whose minds are in a dark place, and who are struggling to see the light but not able to open the door and see their way from beginning to end. They try to blast their way through in very horrendous ways, taking other lives in the process.

Dear Chineke, there are things we do not understand and though we try, we need the wisdom of your holy spirit to help us. Each of us can quite easily slip into that dark place that twists our perception of reality and cripple our sanity. Please reinforce the good and the positives so that the negatives are blurred! Please help us see the YOU in US so that the THEY is no longer relevant.

Dear Chineke, these are some dark days. Let the morning bring new mindsets and new realizations that pain cannot be written off through violent acts, that the world is not as ugly as pictured in the pained minds of disturbed humanity. Let the rich and powerful humble themselves before YOU and reach out to those who need a JOB,  just a little helping hand to walk through the trenches of helplessness and hopelessness.

May our minds and hearts get soaked in time in the realization that the destitution of the moment does not justify the wickedness of our actions. Let the CHI that connects us all help us to develop kindred hearts so an eruption of the milk of human kindness goads us to treat each other with kindness and respect.

Dear Chineke, this is your world. Please give peace and some level of closure for families suffering incessantly due to the inhumanity we are seeing in the world today. Let no other families see their loved ones in the path of danger and disruption. Let us see your promise of peace on earth.

Afrum unu! I see you all…please see each other…let peace reign.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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