blueToday is Glory Day!

Yes folks, it is the day stupidity, ugliness and foolishness are dumped at the street corner! Yesterday you may have been picked on, stepped on, slapped upside the head and pushed out, but know this…God has given you this Glory Day to move up and step out!

Those jokers in your life?… let them run their mouths, throw their fits and show out…Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

You know the suit you put away for that special occasion?… dust it off and wear it today before the moths add holes to it!

That plastic cover you have over the fancy couch?…pull it off and park your derriere !

That money you are saving for a rainy day?…child, it is pouring out there! Grab an umbrella, go out and be the thunder and lightening!

This is not confusion…it is birth…it is Glory day! Work it!


About globalfaithministriesofchiism

Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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  1. Life should be enjoyed! No sense in waiting for the right moment…create it and live it!

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