images“Nwata kwuo aka ya, ya na okenye erie nni” means that when a child washes his or her hands, he or she dines with the elders. Do not be so quick to call your son or daughter man or woman if they do not merit the designation.

A boy is not a man because of his chronological age nor a girl a woman because of her chronological age. Either must earn  the designation! They earn it by being responsible, courteous, loving and respectful to their elder, parents,  and able to care for themselves! They earn it by having the sense to define themselves and the gall to reject mediocrity. They earn it because they have the audacity to work for the good of the whole, because they understand the significance of their actions  on the welfare of their communities. They earn it by standing up and defining themselves and not allowing other “people” to define them and set the agenda for their nation!

We love our children so much we fail to raise them and teach them to act accordingly. The next time your son and daughter says” Treat me as a man!” or ” Treat me as a woman!”, check and see if he or she has earned such stripes. Ask why? Don’t buy the age hype!

Age is just a number, the badge is earned! Otherwise in the future they just turn into foolish elders!


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  1. Udee Onyioha says:

    As the old saying goes, “a fool at forty is a fool forever”. There is a reason for this. If your son or daughter is still acting like a moron as a numeric adult, all hope is lost. Respect must be earned, not given, or demanded.

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