The Western world is threatenedsudanwoman-252x250 by secular fanaticism and the Muslim world is threatened by religious fanaticism. What are the fundamental differences between the cultures of the radical American Christian religious right, radical Roman Catholicism, radical Orthodox Jewry, and radical Islam? The autocracy is manifest and omnipresent, and has always been. And they point fingers (and guns) at each other.

In OUR own unconventionally ideal world, together with animal abusers they would all be considered outlaws! Yet, there are billions who buy the hype! It’s amazing how Chineke gave people a brain and at the same time so many of her followers don’t use it.  I believe that She’s swiftly coming to the conclusion that her judgment to authorize the exercise of free will may have been a mistake on her part!

And while we are at it, the Muslim world should reject their radical groups who that the rest of the world to respect their religion while at the same time they are attempting to marginalize, if not obliterate every other religion. It’s shocking to read of the destruction of Buddhists temples, Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, and African traditional artifacts by the radical groups.  Sadly, both the Christian and Muslim Radicals are guilty of this power play.

Chiism is asserting our First Amendment principles in our spiritual policy. We don’t need people who routinely rape and murder women, children and traditionalists as much as they want us to adhere to nonsensical 14 century principles in the 21st century.

Ugwu ka madu ji amu ibe ya (Through respect, we birth our humanity)


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  1. Ikenna Osimiri says:

    The most fundamental question of the 21st Century applicable to the so-called “religions of the Book” is this; how many lives must be sacrificed before the highest ideals of what you claim to profess materialize?

  2. Udee Onyioha says:

    Since the advent of organized religion, there has been traffic in the spiritual emancipation of humanity. The plight of the suffering has been used in the establishment of religious zealotry, which capitalizes on man’s desire to block the impact of their everyday suffering with the promise of a better after life. To that end, we have witnessed the extent that people will go to fulfill their spiritual freedom from all manner of pain. Some are pushed to all limits of personal sacrifice as the suicidal religious zealots demonstrate in many religions today.

    Many religions unable to accept the fundamentals of religious “Live and Let Live” pursue a system of cohesion to bring people to accept and uphold their spiritual interpretation of Chineke’s (God’s) will at the expense of worlds most spiritual vulnerable

    In order to foster spiritual honesty, compassion and love, Chiism propounds the right of everyone to worship Chineke the way they understand best through free will, which is a natural psychological exercise and part of human evolution. Humanity will be better served when we can experience the joy of heaven here on earth before our spirits experience the heaven conjured up in the images described by our varied cultural interpretations when we enter the next existential plane.

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