popeMany of us were forced to attend “catholic schools” for many years. They were run by catholic nuns and reverend fathers. In many cases, we were mercilessly taunted and verbally abused, suffered disturbing, intellectual and spiritual abuse at the hands of the nuns and priests for having the audacity to want to be Chiists, to embrace our cultural spiritual heritage.
For years and even to this day, we live with the KNOWLEDGE and the pain of seeing Africans decrying their African culture, burning their sacred artifacts, taking English names and will defend to death and accept the atrocities heaped upon the Motherland by the Catholic church. Yet, these same Catholic faithful will seek to hush Africans who seek to uphold their spiritual traditions.

We should not fear death so much that we give up our commonsense to mere mortals with all the failings inherent in human nature. If there is a “loving God” I doubt that “He” would burn us for the sin of not believing in what we were taught by men.

There are millions of Catholics in AFRICA, …we still await their comments.

Otito Nine Diri Chineke!



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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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