AMARACHI 43CHIISM proposes more than the promotion of just mere symbolism and ancient African relics. Chiism is harbored in the spiritual intentions behind African proverbs and idioms. CHIISM is a conduit for a collection of inspirational and motivational words of wisdom with the intent of teaching various attitudinal precepts. It is not simply based on the historical relics that belong in museums and advocated solely by so called “historical” gurus. CHIISM is a synthesis of Africa’s spiritual tradition of direct communication with God. We are cognizant of Africa’s diverse religious traditions but have embraced the ones that emphasize the direct connection with God, but do honor and respect the ones with different tenets.

CHIISM is a religious philosophy. We do not just regurgitate mere cultural practices and traditions without philosophical tenets. Great African authors and practitioners of African spirituality understand the importance of traditional symbolism, but still understand that 21st African spirituality must rise to accommodate the 21st century global community and must find information inherent in their bowls to feed the minds of the new age thinkers.

CHIISM is a synthesis of African spiritual tenets with universal relevance. Although the founder was Igbo he never preached that we should be so closed minded that we think only in terms of the ancient. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. of today do not look like they did centuries ago.

CHIISM rejects any notion that there is a so called “authentic” African spirituality. Instead we embrace all the relevant cultural precepts and philosophical tenets relevant in the 21st century for propulsion forward, to vibrate at a higher spiritual and intellectual forum. Being stuck in the “past” and advocating only historical “facts” that may be relevant historically but irrelevant in today’s reality is not the objective of CHIISM.

It is reversed imperialism by the so called African cultural “historians” or “gurus” who deride African spirituality for striving to ascend century’s old misguided attitude that Africans are spiritually and intellectually incompetent.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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