AHANYI 8“The only thing greater than you is the Sun, the greatest manifestation of God. You do not have the right to die until you have made a difference and never live anywhere unknown.” His Holiness Ahanyi K.O.K Onyioha, said this to Oke Dibia for many years as a way to assist her in overcoming some very difficult challenges. Such wisdom he shared with all his children. These were such powerful words because they were confidence builders. Ahanyi reminded us that we can only claim relevance in the world if something worthy or worthy acts toward humanity are attached to our name. We must never choose to be so obscure that nobody even knew we existed when we transition onward. He reminded everyone who had the good fortune to know him, that people who challenge us are not greater than the Sun and unless they can prove they are, they must not be a hindrance to our power to move forward.

Come to think of it, he too heard it from his father and perhaps his father from his as well.  As you move through your day today, know that no roadblock is too difficult for you to weave and bob and get out of the way! If it is not the Sun in your eyes,  move through!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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