The elders are full of wisdom waiting to be tapped. One elder shared that we have an inner world and an outer world. To experience them requires solitude. Our divinity is exposed to us sometimes when we are alone with ours
elves and doing righteous things. The fullness of life presents itself in how we breathe with ease when we are authentic in our love for lives, and when we honor and respect each other. It is in our solitude that we dare to be alone until we glow in the light of life presented to us unselfishly by Chineke.

It is when we embrace the opportunity to meditate that we find the path in our lonesomeness, deep within to reach that unspoiled clearing. It is in this clearing, embedded in the recesses of our minds that we find the ancestors walking with us, holding our hands, reminding us that to struggle is living, and to live is to struggle. It is in these moments that we find the courage to reach out to our neighbors, and find that the fullness of our existence, is the need to be, to see the same humanity who are our neighbors walking in the clearing, discovering their divinity too.

When the inner world meets the outer world, your existence finds its traditional world of entry. African spirituality is rich with deep philosophical wonderment, a natural blend of perennial data collected from the boundaries of our humanness and captured from the unlimited source fountain of our spirit.

Discover it!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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