Once at an open field under consideration for the construction of the Obasi Oha in the village of Nkporo in Abia State Nigeria, Ahanyi K.O.K Onyioha asked his audience of six African American visitors to Nigeria
why they thought that visiting Nigeria was a good thing. One African American gentleman noted that the purpose of the visit was because he felt a close relationship with the country and felt compelled to come. The other said she was a good friend of Oke Dibia Dr. Uwa Osimiri and wanted to visit her home, and another said that he wanted to dispel the notion that Nigerians were all engaged in 419. Unsure what 419 was, Ahanyi asked for an explanation. Trying not to sound offensive, the gentleman explained that he meant that Nigerians were considered shysters. Ahanyi asked if he has met one on the trip and the gentleman answered no. Ahanyi persisted, pausing to re-tie the cloth around his waist. “We all stray from righteousness. That is part of our human failings. However, it is important to refrain from making an assumption of a whole swath of people. That is what makes you a good person, judging someone based on facts, not assumptions…facts.”

Often we are burdened with our bad experiences through interpersonal or business relationships that went awry that we spend so much time trying to find reasons to hate people than reasons to like them. Yet in our moment of personal weakness we find solace in accusing and projecting. Life is never lived when we strive to find a bogey man behind every stranger we meet. Life is always made more fruitful and enjoyable when assumptions are put aside and the human connection is made based on the Chiist principal premise” Afurm Gi. I see you,”…. not my assumptions…not my innuendos and not my own fears… you!

The moment we allow ourselves to walk away from where we want to be and enter the valley where we do not want to be, our lives are riddled with regrets. When we find that the world is bleak not as a result of reality but as a result of what door we have opened, as a result of what windows of opportunity we have closed, we are left with asking ourselves” Who are we?”. An answer only we and our Chi are burdened to answer.

The worst part of being in the valley is bringing other people along with us. The good news is that as we grow wings, as we shed our burdens for mother earth to gulp, we soar as we ought to, beacons of love and peace!

Loving light and love to you all!

Otito nile diri Chineke!



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