The educated young African missionary yelled before the village elders who have gathered to hear his message, “Repent so that you can reach the kingdom of heaven!”

An elder asked thoughtfully,” And have you been
to Heaven?”

“No” said the Missionary.”However it is where we go when we live honest lives, love and honor our fellow man and love the lord.”

Asked another wise elder,” This is a peaceful village. We honor and respect each other. We cater to the needs of the less fortunate, respect our elders and honor Chineke. Is heaven like that?”

“Yes sir! That’s the definition of heaven! Except you will sit at the feet of the lord!”

Asked another elder, ” Do you mean that the lord is not here that you have described as the equivalence of Heaven?”

“Well the Lord is in heaven and if you continue to live as you do now, then you shall meet him in heaven. For that matter when he comes back he will take you to heaven with him.”

Another elder beseeches. ” So there is a different heaven? Where is it?”

“It is in the sky. When you die the winged angels will come and carry you there.”

“I see. So I have to die first?

“Yes sir. But oh, the glory when you arrive there!”

The eldest and wisest elder said to the missioner” Step down from there young man! How is it that you have read all the holy books but have no knowledge of the heart of your people? Chineke is the heart of the people. Chineke is the reason we are “heaven-like” in our existence. If you understood the heart of the people, you will realize that we are what we are because the spirit of Chineke is already within us. Our CHI directs our actions and connects us to Chineke’s. We do not go anywhere to be connected…we are already connected! We respect your right to seek heaven as you choose. However, please respect the right of the people to embrace Chineke’s peace the way we see fit. It only works for us when we understand who and what we are.”

As the elders began to leave, the missionary moved to another tree stump.”

“Repent so that you can reach the kingdom of heaven!”

Not to worry. The elders left a message in his heart. It will grow slowly like a seed and eventually blossom! Soon he and his Chi will be left with themselves to discover the world and treasure at his feet. He will remember the day that his elders reminded him to reach in and with his breath discover the treasure waiting within that he is reasoning away.

If we cannot find happiness within ourselves or in our blessed environs, it is not possible to find it elsewhere.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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