Trouble will find you no matter where you hide and how far you run! Look out…it will come! So you might as well stop running! The shadows following you as you run are your problems…they run with you! When challenges end a
t your door step, stop sealing the door with all manners of security systems (figuratively speaking). Face them head on! Nobody said life would be easy. It never is! Don’t fall apart just because life happened to you!

Nobody in this universe is remotely equipped to immaculately handle every blow thrown at them. Problem solving is not instantaneous. Chineke did not design us that way. In fact, we’re made to get distressed, depressed, hurt, slip and go down! Believe it or not, this is what living is about. We are supposed to go through these challenges yet face them, gain knowledge, adjust, and resolve them over time. This is what in the end shapes us into the person we develop into. Stop whining because life happened to you.

If you need just a little help, reach in and have a heart to heart with your CHI…the greatest Dibia Isi (Psychiatrist) you will ever know…and the consultation is free!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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One Response to OBASI OHA TRACS

  1. It is perfectly okay to be fearful to some degree as long as you do not allow fear to render you useless!

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