In Chiism the word “Idi Nso” was used by Nde Ichie, the Ancestral Dibias to mean “spiritual”…to think deeply before acting or speaking and acting honorably. Indeed, no individual or groups of individuals have had a bigger influence in spirituality in Igbo Land than the African Ancestral Dibias. The word used for “spiritual” is diverse in different cultures in Africa, but the meaning is the same. The ancestors spoke of “Idi nso na ime obi di kwa nso na ime muo i nata onyinye Chineke.” This means that if you are spiritual in your heart and soul, you receive Chineke’s blessings.

Divine truths are interpreted and available to Nde Di Nso (spiritual people) by virtue of being in tune with Chineke. Some people are not considered “Nde Di Nso” and those who are should work to restore the fallen that must be raised up! Spiritual people reach out, honor and bless the lives of others. They do not think ill thoughts, plan and plot to do harm and create any level of pain. Those who have means should help those of no means. This is how Chineke blesses us. By opening our hands and blessing others, we open our hands to receive our own blessings. Clenched fists do not allow anything in.

Spiritual people are not fearful. They have no time to fear that they lose anything if some one else gains something. They realize intuitively that there is enough to go around…and they do not in fear!

In the use of the word, it is clear that Chineke plays a significant role in helping us to become “Nde Di Nso.” When people open up their hearts and minds to be led by their CHI (the chord that connects us to Chineke), then a spiritual being emerges, full of grace and prepared to do good and be good.

Are you a spiritual being? If not, get started…work with your Chi toward Chineke’s light!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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