How do we as Africans identify the existence of Chineke our transcendent Creator of the heavens and earth, our source of inspiration, the invisible Spirit, and all-pervasive certainty? Even though the enormous theoretical texts dealing with substantiation of Chineke’s existence is ahead of the range of this anthology, there are certain points of view which are put forth in all scriptures, and the Holy Nkomii of Chiism in particular. Although Chineke is not transparent to the naked eye, Chineke’s existence is evident in nature and in every human being. All we need to do is pay attention, listen look and see. These include: first the doorway of meditation by which Chineke is sensed by the inner self, second, the universality of ethical law, which is analogous to the law of nature; third, the evidence of Chineke’s designs in the magnificence of creation; and finally, the acknowledgment of the originators of religion. By these thoughts, bits of the reality of Chineke as Ultimate Reality can be learned in the midst of our existence:

“For is the name of Chineke not on my tongue when my lungs breathe life? That life, do I not know it’s source? That source, is it not Chineke? That word Chineke, does it not reverberate from my native tongue as it did for my Ancestors? Is it not the same spirit that rolls off your tongue? Do I limit the power of Chineke when I speak the name from my tongue? I know Chineke’s reach.”

Nkomii Di Nso
The Holy Nkomii

Otito Nile Diri Chineke

Afuru m Gi…I see you




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