Acceptance of Self and Respect for All Believers

Chiists are expected to respect believers of other religions, and people of conscience. Chiists are expected to treat everyone with equal respect, not to have standards for one’s own faith community at the exclusion or abuse of other people. We condemn all discord and conflict based on doctrinal difference. Egoism, disguised as piety, and animus is contradictory to our faith.

One who claims exclusive truth betrays their ignorance and does not accurately portray the mental stability expected in our faith community. We do not invalidate others to validate ourselves. It is well to remember that the blind man and the sighted man see life differently; one by touch and the other by sight, yet reality is a perception of their sensory declaration. It is folly to believe that any one way is anointed to be the only way to collect Chineke’s blessings.

Chiists honor their children as spiritual beings on their way on a journey for spiritual renewal. It is our responsibility to nurture them through love, kindness, support and security. Chiist men must honor their women with dignity and respect and reject sexist and any treatment that dishonors the womb from whose groins creation moves forward. Chiist women must honor and respect their men, give them support, build them up and keep them up. Our lives are intertwined for the benefit of our community.


Chiists are encouraged to be clean at all times and conduct themselves in an honorable and dignified manner in relation to the global community. Our Body is our temple and sacred to us…no means no, without argument.

Chiists do not compel people into Chiism. Our interest is not in your soul but to help you to reclaim your mind so free thinking can flow , and release your sacredness. Every warm body has a CHI. Every CHI must be whole to create a competitive human being, and a peaceful community.

To Chiists, having a high level of consciousness is a ticket to a higher order of being, thinking and living. Thinking differently from a Chiist still opens us to experience your existence, to see your heart and to see your breath. We see you as you want us to.
We expect you to see us too…as we are made by Chineke to be!

Know this, live it, grow and foliate!

Afurum gi! I see you!


Otito Nile Diri Chineke

QUESTIONS? Feel free to ask. I shall answer by tomorrow.


About globalfaithministriesofchiism

Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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4 Responses to OBASI OHA TRACS

  1. This is such a beautiful writing about Chiism!

  2. somaniya says:

    It sure is! I try to make sure that I attain to this daily! Ise!

  3. Nnabugwu says:

    i will godianism could extend to kwara state and i wish to know when the English version of nkomi will be out.thanks

    • Hello! Sorry for the delay in response! I just returned from Nigeria! We plan to be all over Nigeria. We are in Nigeria in December for the big memorial remembrance of the founder of Chiism (Godianism). If you would like to attend shoot me a note and I shall extend an invitation. There will be a huge spiritual celebration that will be off the roof!

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