Who is a Chiist? Anyone who believes there is truth in many paths. There are passages in many scriptures that affirm that there is truth in many paths. A Chiist believes that people who believe in their paths are still believers in truth. The difference is that Chiists find truth in the path offered by their cultural reality. The reality may be African, European, Middle Eastern or Asian.

CHIISTS however, believe that Chineke does not reside in the high heavens but right where we are…in us. In us lies the spirit or energy of Chineke that we call CHI. To serve Chineke begins with serving ourselves and honoring the CHI in our fellow human beings.
Our focus is not on who is right and who is wrong but on “what” is right.

The word Chineke in its Igbo etymology means the Creator…Chi is the male essence and Eke is the female essence. The word is used as one word not divided as the two because both the male and female essences are creative forces in one. It is well to note that the various Igbo communities have different names for Chineke. For instance Chineke is Chukwu, or Olisa. There may even be more. Chineke has different names in different cultures, but mean the same one Chineke to us.

Chiists honor the ancestors by pouring libations. Chiists pour libations (outside on mother earth, in a plant, or in a container) at sun up, and at sundown.

Chiists also honor forces of nature as the sources used by the Spirit Energy to serve humanity

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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