Even the thief prays to “God” on his or her way to steal! A murderer thanks “God” for keeping him or her from getting caught. A drunk who leaves the scene of an Accident promises “God” that he/she will never drink again. The adulterer promises”God” that the last tryst would be the last…on an on. Point is that people trust that “God” will forgive their sins no matter how egregious. Faith thus becomes the excuse for sin. Chiists are reminded that to ask for Chineke’s intersession on your behalf is strictly for positive activities. Reincarnation is the process of moving toward the State of AMARACHI(ultimate state of spiritual ascension). The only thing evil acts gets anyone is reincarnation into a lesser state of being during the process of the purification of the soul. You get only 7 lifetime chances. Using up your life spans doing unhealthy living, will not guarantee the ultimate status of Honorable Ancestor.

That you believe in this Chiist spiritual tenet or not is irrelevant to the discussion. The important thing is to know that Chiists are not offered the luxury of redemption of sins by forgiveness. You reap what you sow. So in the event you wish to commit any non-spiritual acts, leave Chineke out of it…such faith is a waste of your time. Chineke does not do STUPID.


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