Our spiritual mandate is Biri Ka M Biri…Live and let live. This means that from us to Chineke there is no distance and to treat our fellow human beings with honor is a spiritual virtue. It creates social harmony and mutual respect. In this spiritual cultural tradition, heaven is here on earth and a direct result of our actions while hell is the ultimate reality of our negative energy and negative actions. We do not have to die to experience these realities.

One of the most fascinating experiences I get is the shock people express when I declare that I am not a Christian and that I believe in God in so far that God is within me, within my fellow human beings, and in all living things. Many try so hard to convince me otherwise. It is the act of trying to win people to our individual side of the spiritual argument that rumples social harmony and creates bias and prejudice. People who fight to define Chineke from their social and cultural prism as a religious mandate are less tolerant and base their justification of discriminatory practices on their sense of ownership of exclusive truth.

Chiists are more focused on elevating their spiritual standing before Chineke through high moral quality, peace and love which our spiritual guides assert to be within the personal ability of every Chiist. The cultural background of different cultures affects how their representatives view and interpret information. I always base my relationships and indeed my research processes from the perspective of live and let live, understanding that what I see for myself or want for myself, I must accord others. To be open minded becomes my modus operandi in research and in personal relationships. Trust me, I am not perfect in these aspirations but trying everyday to be the good I believe exists. Look in your own mirror before looking in someone else’s. I hope you find wisdom in these words!


About globalfaithministriesofchiism

Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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