The sun rises in the east and sets in the west like clockwork. The
world responds accordingly but not always in the same way. For some, rising early helps them keep the mandates of a work schedule or mental and spiritual harmony with nature. For some the “sunset” for most signifies time to wind the mind and body down while for some it is time to party the night away.

Have your own time to “rise’ and “set” and do it consistently. Set a time for your body to adjust to your living expectations. The Elders say, “Mgbe madu tesara ura bu ututu ya”…when an individual rises is his or her morning. In other words, no time is the wrong time. Speak to your mind and body and it speaks to you according to the time you specify. Create what works for you and move your mind and body accordingly.

Finally, never judge somebody’s “time” if different from yours as indicative of anything other than noble…unless he or she is living in your basement, with no job and not paying rent. This is where you set the “time” or show them the insides of a moving vehicle…make sense? Works for me!


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