Onye Omere ka Owutere

It is the family of the bereaved who feels the brunt of the pain of loss the most. Though friends may reach out and express their condolences, but after the casket is in the ground, the real pain begins. For those who lost loved ones in the Nigerian plane crash, healing is going to be difficult particularly for the little ones who lost parents, the mothers and fathers who lost children, parents, spouses, grandparents, and friends. Our collective role is to keep them in our prayers, keep them in our hearts and reach out in words and deeds.

Facebook timelines are full of the smiling pictures of our friends and family members who have departed in this tragedy. It is heart wrenching to try to comprehend the incomprehensible. Words cannot express the horror of this calamity! Yet it is at this moment that we must be the anchor for the families whose lives may seem to be a bastion of helplessness and hopelessness. We shall hold on to the hope that they are now safely in the arms of Chineke. May they rest in peace…and shall always be remembered.


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  1. ikennaosimiri says:

    I have many that have crossed over. Their material body has been reclaimed within the grand scheme of the Law of The Universe: “matter can not be destroyed; just changed from one form to another.” But their spirit remains alive in the smile created in their remembrance and their fall in the forest of humanity did not go unheard!

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