The IGBO Ancestors believed that Chineke worked for humanity directly as in the spirit energy placed in humans as CHI and through the forces of nature. In relation to the forces of nature, our ancestors had imagined a kind of “physiological” structure of Chineke and had, by way of departmentalizing the forces of nature, and ascribing functions to each Department, pulled out an ontological hierarchy presided over by Chineke (God the Creator) in which our ancestors saw “The Sun, as the symbol of Chineke’s eminence over all things, omnipresence, omnipotence and immortality – for Anwu, which is the Igbo name for sun, spelled out, means “anwu anwu” which means that which never dies. They likened the sun to the head of Chineke, in the imagined physiological structure of Chineke

Next to the Sun they created “Ofo Na Ogu” to symbolize Chineke’s sense of truth, justice, fair play, and good conscience embedded in humans as soul. Ofo Na Ogu in the ontology represents the soul in human as conscience.

Next in the structure, they saw Agwunsi as the spirit representing the wisdom of Chineke to which traditional medicine practitioners devote for divination and clairvoyance, which is likened to the brain of Chineke in the ontological structure. This is known as Orumila in Yoruba.

Next is Kamalu representing the forces of the sky – rain, thunder, lightning, wind, storms, moon, and stars. It is likened to the slapping arm of God. This is Shango in Yoruba and Ekpenyong in Efik/Ibibio metaphysics.

Next is Ani or Ala which is Mother Earth, covering hills, mountains, rocks and everything under the earth. It is likened to the foot of Chineke.

Next is Ekwuru Ochie (female) and Imo Miri (male), responsible for living waters like streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. They respectively, are oshun and Olokun in Yoruba; Ndem Abasi in Efik/Ibibio; and Owu in Ijaw. It is likened to the two breasts of Chineke, from which Chineke’s milk of kindness continuously flows to suckle and sustain life.

Though last, yet not the least is Fijoku, as the spirit responsible for the totality of vegetation, with emphasis on agricultural vegetation. Called Orisa Oko in Yoruba and Vodu in Togo and Dahomey – it is likened to the hairs of Chineke. It is this Vodu that the French misrepresented as voodoo, from which voodooism they coined as African Religion.

Below all of these, the ancestors exist “In Memoriam”, as the fountain from which each family unit draws inspiration for sticking together, for higher aspirations, pride, self-confidence and noble deeds.


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  1. It is so important to understand how the Ancestors created a reality to help them understand the world around them. It is with this understanding that they are able to fashion processes that help them to address the different life impressions with an emphasis on Spiritual wellbeing.

  2. ikennaosimiri says:

    This is a very good entry.

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