A fallacy we bought into is that our body should look a certain way. For example, we may think our stomach is too big. Who told us it is better to have a flat stomach? Who set these guidelines? Learn to love and honor every piece of the body. It is the temple that houses the soul. It is sacred and perfect–just the way it is.
The concept of not measuring up is an illusion given by those who
wish to control us. Not one of us has been short changed. Our Higher Self gave us exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny.


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  1. People tend to gauge their well-being according to the opinion of others. This is why we have many people who tend to diet until they do not even see that they are thin enough!

  2. somaniya says:

    I agree! I see it as the gift we are given of ourselves and we must value it to truly bring the best out in our chi. If one has negative images in their mind about their image not being good enough then that brings their chi down to. So it is important that an individual love and accept themselves!

    • Thank you Somaniya! I agree, uplifting yourself is uplifting your Chi. We say it all the time,” Nobody’s opinion of you must ever be your reality!” Mu na Chi so…I walk with Chineke… that means I am the beauty of Chineke! Thank you for sharing!

  3. somaniya says:

    Your welcome! Imela!

  4. Yvette says:

    This is excellent. I know I have a little extra around the middle, but that is the “roof over my treasure” and I love all of me. I want to be healthy but that does not require I starve myself or cause myself trauma due to fad diets etc. A song by India Arie says it all “I am not my hair, I am not my skin, I am not your expectations no… I am the soul that lives within”

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