Africa! Africa! Africa! Who are you right here, right now…in this place…at this time. Why are you struggling? You, children of Africa, have you forgotten you have the power of the mother in your genes, the fierceness of the fathers in your bones? Guzo! Stand up!

Open your minds! Have you forgotten in whose likeness you are made? You are the descendants of the great African warriors, the great African fisher men, wrestlers, scientists, artisans. KULIE! RISE UP! From whose loins were you conceived and in whose womb were you fertilized? BIDO RIWA ELU! START CLIMBING! You Mazi, have the power of the great grandfathers…WAKE UP! You Umu Ada, have the wisdom of the great grandmothers…BULIE ONWE UNU ELU! PICK YOURSELVES UP!

Clean your minefield of self doubt and dependence on foreign intervention in everything you do! NDE IKE BIA KA ANYI JE! YOU ARE THE POWER! LET’S MOVE! Reclaim your land, reclaim your culture, reclaim your children, and reclaim your economy. Reclaim your dignity! Who are you? Why are you derailed by the name others have given you? Why are you John, Peter, Paul, Catherine and Mary? Why are you not Kofi, Chidi, Kama, Bongi, Ekanem, Kehinde, Musa? Chineke is waiting to hear from you! RECLAIM CHINEKE!

The time is here, the time is now! Anu na enwegi agba atagbu go anyi (The animal without a jaw is eating us), and we are adding salt for taste! We are leaving our children bereft of their identity! KWOLU! SPEAK UP!

Why do we play the religious 419 of chasing a Jewish ancestry?? To what end! KNOW THE TRUTH! We are Igbo! We are Yoruba! We are Hausa! We are Akan! We are Wolof! We are Zulu! We are Mandingo! We are Fulani! We are Dogon, Anansi, Maasai, Afar. We are over 7400 African Tribes of North – East – South – West and Central Africa – as well as the clan of African islands. WE ARE AFRICAN!

AFRICA, Africa Africa! Who are you eager to be? Embrace yourself so the world will embrace you! Develop into a part of an advanced order! Hold fast to spiritual law. Become the unfolding of your humanity according to the ordained spiritual plan! We have the ability to do, to be and to create spiritual principles that evolve into peace and well–being! Act in acceptance! You are noble, divine and blessed!

Commit to the will of Chineke…create your rebirth!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!


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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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  1. The glory of Divine Chineke is in the land! It is in the rolling hills of the Kilimanjaro and the deep blue of the Nile. It is in the beating heart of the castrated bull and in the fragile wings of the locust in the hot hammattan season. The Glory of Chineke is in the tired eyes of the village elders and in the heart beat of the baby strapped in her mother’s back. Lift up your voices in unison with the cry of the Titihoya and the croaking of the small horned toad along the banks of the small Ngele in the tiny village of Ndenko. What we see is what we know and what we know is centuries old. It all lives and lingers in our hearts and minds. WE MUST SEE, DO, BELIEVE,TEACH AND PRESERVE. Yagazie!

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