Welcome to the (ONYINYE (GIVING) PROJECT. In African tradition, the community helps to support each other. Even during the New-Yam festival and beyond, those whose farmland yielded more food will give to others and diligently support the market place. We had development unions whose objective was to uplift businesses and peoples lives in the village. Through the ONYNYE PROJECT you help our efforts to support African Projects in Africa. But here in the US, we find a struggling minority company and spend a minimum of 10 dollars. Onyinye community outreach comprise of, ONYINYE ITE URIE (PAINT OUT…where people gather at a particular house with volunteers to paint a needy family’s home), ONYINYE IZU AHIA (MARKET PLACE. STORM…visit a small business and spend at least 10 dollars), ONYINYE OLU IHUNANYA (volunteering at a designated place) and ONYINYE EGO(MONETARY GIVING…supporting nonprofits in Diaspora working to help programs creating African initiatives).

If you want to start one of these Onyinye activities in your community, please leave a request. Let us begin to support our small businesses. When you participate, please go to globalfaithministriesofChiism Facebook page and post pictures of you and your friends and community participating in any of these activities. Be sure to hold up pictures of the 10 dollars if engaged in the ONYINYE IZUAHIA (MARKET PLACE STUMP…Visiting a small business and spending at least 10 dollars). Everyone, irrespective of Religion can participate. Listed is the first recommended ONYINYE IZUAHIA (MARKET PLACE. STORM)

May19, 2012 ONYINYE (GIVING)

Caribbean African Food Mart 4463 Rockbridge Rd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Caribbean African Food Mart

(404) 549-9100


About globalfaithministriesofchiism

Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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  1. Udee Kama Onyioha says:

    This Onyinye effort exemplifies the Chiist mindset rooted in African spiritual tenet. Bravo to Global Faith Ministry of Chiism for initiating this communal development effort geared toward the economic prosperity of our African communities world-wide.

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