Chineke help us! When does the madness end? No, it is not acceptable for any African man to lay hands on his wife, to the extent that she is beaten senseless!! There is no pride in that! It is a sign of weakness and a consequence of total ignorance of what an African man’s role is as it pertains to his manhood! African men historically are more disciplined than what we see some of these men doing now. Getting married is becoming downright frightening for some young women. The old fear of being an old maid has been replaced by the fear of dying at the hands of these un-African husbands. Here is a diclaimer…Not all African men are this way….Just those who have lost their spiritual way!

Here are some of the reasons for these atrocities:

Superiority – The conviction that one is greater to another. There is no human being superior to another…period! Everyone has a Chi in them. To respect one’s Chi requires that one respect another’s Chi. News flash brothers, women have Chi too!
Furthermore, women are fundamentally important in the community. The ancestors knew this, and honored women. Women are Queen Mothers and King Makers, Umuada, Farmers, Holistic Doctors, educators, Orthodox Doctors, Business leaders etc. Point is…they are not inferior! Besides, how can you delight in hurting the womb that birth nations??

Injustice – The conviction that one has a justifiable cause to be violent against another.
Traditionally, the family and the community work with the couple to mitigate marriage issues. In many cases, this is no longer the case in matrimonial conflicts. The religious mantra is that the woman caused the man to eat an apple and consequently the cause and reason for sin in the world…so beat her to a pulp as a consequence of the abject lie!

Vulnerability – The conviction that one could be aggressively destroyed at the hands of another. Men are detained for around 90% of all brutal transgressions, excluding rape where they are detained for 99% of the offense. Who is vulnerable??

Distrust – The conviction that another will not respect their promise or commitment. It makes absolutely no sense to severely beat anyone to a pulp because you do not trust them. If it is not working out, then a distance should be created between the man and woman. Move on!

Hopelessness – The conviction that one cannot advance their circumstances.
African Men are committing most acts of brutality and belligerence when they are in their teens and 20′s, which also turn out to be the moment they are most fertile. These young men become husbands and continue the vicious Cycle.

Chiist men are spiritual warriors who understand that manhood is a state of thought that directly links the mind to the ingenious force of life…CHINEKE. Manhood is a state of awareness that develops and unfurl through disciplined movement that relate to Chi. When a man is aware and acknowledges the presence of Chineke, there is mindful regard for the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual welfare of a woman. ARE YOU A CHIIST MAN??


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  1. Nnamdi I. says:

    man, thats just weak in general…. im still trying to figure out when it was ok to lay hand on a woman at all [outside of a life-threatening situation]…. im thining this is a colonized way of thinking, u know? since the message of the woman being the “bringer of sin” or more derrogatory crap that the bible has been banging out, seems men just took it and ran with it to show others that they can “keep a woman in her place”…what place is that tho??? as a young AFRICAN MAN, i see this n get instantly heated… its like seeing/hearing my mother or my sisters getting abused…. not tolerated.

  2. Thank you Nnamdi. The anger and rage that some people express is both innate and learned. But anger can be cotrolled. It is so important that these men receive serious counselling. The challenge is that in many African communities, this is actually tolerated!

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