Global Faith Ministries of Chiism (Godianism) has always stood at the forefront on issues of World Peace and Social Justice for all mankind.  We are proud to present the following excerpt from the Global Faith Ministries of Chiism (Godianism) archives of a presentation by our Founder and Spiritual Head, Chief K.O.K. Onyioha.  This is part of an address delivered on December 17, 1980 in observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights joint assembly of the United Nations Information Centre and the Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria.

Human Rights and The Arms Race

“Were we to personify “Human Rights” I would liken it to a great Monarch so much adored by all his subjects–with tributes paid in elaborate ceremonies, dins and bustles, pomp and pageantry, every year, yet in all his kingdom one finds not a single honest and sincerely loyal adulator.  Human Rights–what does the term really mean?  To spell it out would be to paint a voluminous figure, sanctified and trampled, terrified and encouraged, praised and abused, defended and condemned–proclaimed and perjured–a giant no one understands but which no one intends to leave alone; it remains continually so badgered and badgered that, so much dazed, it no longer knows who is friend or foe.

Coming out of metaphor to the fact at issue, in terms more plain and blunt; Human Rights composed though it is of many atoms–has a few basic molecules worth standing out for mention within the short time this my intervention allows; and they are (1) the right to life; (2) the right to healthy,nutritious food; (3) the right to shelter and adequate clothing; (4) the right to medical care; (5) the right to freedom from fear; (6) the right from both political and economic servitude and exploitation; (7) the right to freedom of thought, religion, association, speech and the right to a standard of living.  From roof tops all the world proclaim these rights only to perjure them at every turn–for how can you talk seriously and honestly of these human rights, vis-a-vis, the escalating arms race!  The arms race is now costing the world millions of dollars per minute….With so colossal a sum of money being channeled to the production of nuclear weapons of war for mass destruction of man by fellow man, instead of directing the billions to the better purpose of feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, curing the diseased and eliminating inflation to raise everybody’s standard of living to make the world a paradise.  Millions of people are already losing their right, on these causes, before any nuclear weapon is launched.!

The USA, Russia, France, Germany, the U.K and China account for three fourths of this colossal waste of human energy and material resources, yet while they beat their breast and flatter themselves as super powers, they have themselves lost one of the best and most precious aspects of Human Rights–which is freedom from fear….”

“Until man learns to love it’s fellow man, we are all at risk”


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