OBASI OHA TRACS~~~~TO EXPERIENCE A SPIRITUAL LIFE…LIVE IT!IMAGE: Ogbaja, Ahanyi K.O.K Onyioha, and Queen Mother, Nneoha Ngozi Onyioha.

When people are challenged, they attack the source of their discomfort, and fear. Like the alligator snapping at perceived motions in the water, they let their sentinel down and elevate the hairs on their bodies…prepared to bring something or somebody down. Yet, it is truly in the middle of their discomfort that they must pause and take stock of what they are truly afraid of. The source of the anger is never really the thing or person they claim to create the reality of their dread. The true culprit is their ideology steeped in the reluctance to embrace the quiet courage of others who create laudable consciousness. They cling to their ideological group think, panting breathlessly in anticipation of a battle that exists in their mind alone.

They become irate when somebody shares recommendations that help people to elevate. Their fits of anger illustrate a cry for recognition of their relevance in the comity of academic and conscientious discussion, fearful that somehow, somebody or something will diminish their place on the world stage

The quickest way to lose your humanity is to reduce someone else’s. The need to be right, righteous and in control of exclusive truth only sets you up for Chineke to open the common place of your being to the surface for sympathy and disregard. You amplify your inner debate and deprive yourself of inner peace. Though you gain the temporary victory of a self created battle with others, you ultimately lose the war of human dignity.

When you feel the need to argue over nonsensical matters, move your spirit through the woods of rancor and attain that unspoiled clearing called humility.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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  1. Jealousy is the worst consequene of insecurity. When people feel good about themselves, they usually do not have the time to focus on what other people are doing or not doing.

  2. somaniya says:

    I agree Dr. Osimiri. Very motivational! Daalu!

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