Are you ready to say enough? Are you fed up with the falsehoods? Messed up emotionally and spiritually? Have you heard all the rationale why you must uphold some other dictates at the expense of yours? Do you find that you are ill-treated, cast off by your own and worse, those who choose to use your mind and leave you demoralized, and rejected?

Have you forgotten Amadioha, Imo mmiri, Fijoku, Ekwuruochie, Kamalu, Anyanwu…all graces of Chineke? Have you abandoned the ancestors and chosen instead to walk under the shadow of death…death of your spirit, death of your culture, death of your respect for your own people, African beauty, and genius? Have you abandoned the language of our Great Mother Africa, teaching the children to cow tow as imitators and future proponents of the war on their African values? Have you stopped giving reverence to the great grand mothers and great grandfathers? Have you forgotten that you are greatness personified? Are you tired of cowering from self knowledge and do you speak harsh words to yourself and to others who look like you?

Well… have we got the answer for your problem! Pick up your phone right now and dial 1-800-Chineke for immediate relief from these burdens. There exists nothing analogous to the instant liberation provided by CHINEKE.

1-800-CHINEKE is the way for enduring respite from all the burden of self disparaging, mind games, paralyzing inanity, and recurring bouts with self-defeat and self doubt. 1-880-CHINEKE is the solution if you have tried everything else and none brings you peace and truth. Enough with the wahala! Move your mind and body closer to the perfecting presence of Chineke. Stop living like the Ostrich…head in the sand and the rest of you struggling and fighting to create order out of alien mythology.

Stop! Waste no more time…do not delay…do it because you can. It is simple, call direct 24 hours daily, through all seasons, through eternity.

1-880-CHINEKE— its ringing…Hello Chineke… HELP!!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



About globalfaithministriesofchiism

Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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