There is an old Igbo spiritual parable that tells of the young strapping wrestler (Kalu) who had to wrestle a more formidable foe (Ibe) from a neighboring village than he had ever faced. Kalu realized that to defeat this foe, he had to find his weakness. Before the day of the wrestling match, Kalu consulted with inner Chi that advised him that to study human behavior would aid him in determining how to disarm his opponent. Kalu, knowing that people had the tendency to believe in gossip, he could disarm his opponent by circulating information about a contrived personal weakness. Kalu spread the word throughout the village that his weakness was his left ankle…if his foe would grab him around his left ankle, it would easily bring him down. Word got around to Ibe who lacked an inquisitive appetite, and who spent the evening conjuring up how to target Kalu’s “weak” ankle to bring down his powerful competitor.

When the day of the wrestling match arrived, the community packed the village square. At the first sounding of the Ogene, the match began. It was fierce. As the two opponents circled each other, each in frantic attempt to create an air of intimidation, Ibe maintained a steely eyes on Kalu’s ankle, contemplating the best course to grab it and bring him down. Finding an opening, he lounged forward in the direction of Kalu’s alleged weak ankle. Kalu swerved out of the way and with the strength of a lion going for the kill, skillfully grabbed Ibe around his extended neck pulling him forward, bringing him to the ground. Kalu won, using cunning to distract his foe.

The lesson here is that we must solve the riddles of life and problems of society through dispassionate, objective research and rational abstraction from summaries of human fallibility, to become competitive among titans. The role of your Chi is to imbue you for challenging human experiences, dogmas and hearsay which soon wear thread bare for your challengers who lose their edge without curiosity and knowledge of human behavior.

This Chiist parable strives to bring human behavior down from the high heavens of theory to a level of pragmatic curiosity posited to human experience, that is mandatory for this age of science and reason, for appreciation and embrace. Thus the metaphysics of Chiism(Godianism) will not be antagonistic to curiosity of physical science and intelligent reasoning, provided its end is not to destroy humanity and its environment.


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