An “ism” is an arrangement of ideology, a tradition, a characteristic conduct or a process. “CHINEKE is the collective consciousness, the Grand force, the Supreme Creator, boundless being. Thus the concept of Chiism is the practice of a system of principles in worship of the creator of all that exist in the universe. The Supreme Chineke is revered alone, imperceptible, without progeny or collaborator. Chineke exists as one spiritual force not a three dimensional entity.

“For Is the name of God not on my tongue when my lungs breathe life? That life, do I not know it’s source? That source, is it not Chineke? That word Chineke, does it not reverberate from my native tongue as it did from my Ancestors? Is it not the same spirit that rolls off your tongue? Do I limit the power of Chineke when I speak the name from my tongue? I know Chineke’s reach.”
Supreme Spiritual Teacher, Ahanyi K.O.K Onyioha.

Majority of humanity believe in a creative force or energy responsible for the day to day operation of the universe and life as it exists. The evidence is all around us, immeasurable and demonstrating for us the presence of a force greater than anything explainable. When the light permeates through all crevices, it’s energy is said to be flowing through time and space. It is this illimitable energy that we call, in an assortment of names Chineke in Igbo ( the Creator), God in English( originator and ruler of the universe), Olodumare in Yoruba (Supreme God), Ubangiji in Housa, (Father of creation) Abasi ke Inyong in Efik (God above), Osanobuwa in Bini (Supreme God), Tamuno in Ijaw( God the Creator), Nyame in Ghanaian, Nkosi in Zulu, Katonda in Buganda and Tanzenia( the Supreme God), Nyame in Ashanti( Amighty God), Nzambe Lingala ( Almighty God), Mungu in Swahili( Supreme God) Allah, in Islam (God) and other cultural names for the creator. Chineke’s presence is revealed in the myriad of miracles seen and unseen that effect day to day lives. Every tradition world wide have formed organized religious bodies to place a cultural reflection of their experiences to explain the glory of Chineke. Chiism is ours with universal application.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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