One of the sweetest joys in the life of the Chiist is to have had the opportunity to read and listen to the spiritual head of Chiism, His Holiness Ogbaja, Ahanyi Eze K.O.K Onyioha discuss Chiism(Godianism). There is a tangible air of adventure and honor. We were always cherished and surprised as he, unwrapping our spiritual hidden treasures, carefully opening a simple moment, reveals the most extraordinary miracle that we are. When his Holiness spoke in public, you hear people catch their breath as they recognize a piece of their soul, something inherently deep and true, something known yet forgotten, or something that we have missed or have been encouraged to forget. His Holiness saw it and remembered it for us and handed it back to us in terms that we would understand. Ultimately, we developed a sense of gratitude and pride for being awakened again to something very precious and very personal.

Our lives are made of the days that we live through. It is only in these days that we experience all of life’s treasures: peace, joy, and healing. There are many occurrences in the day that punctuate our days, and His Holiness who lived the life of a lifelong learner, and who researched life from our perspective and relevance, gave it back to us so we could see us, taste us, touch us, dance in our own shoes , and feel our way back into the heart of life without shame and with honor.

Just as a life is made of days so are our days full of special moments. How we live our lives is a reflection of these moments. His Holiness was one of Chineke’s gardeners in the African soil; he planted mind seeds that germinated in the hearts and minds of those who had the honor to know him. We are blessed to be benefactors of his teachings about the greatest and deepest blessings of life when we fall in love with our humanness and do so with abandon…a gift some struggle to achieve daily.

His holiness lived in a world where the African struggled to find his rightful role in the comity of world religious dogmatic excesses. By speaking at the United Nations as the only indigenous personality to address the conference on the role of religions to promote world peace, he elevated the banner of African spiritual standards as one which could have an impact, relevance and re-inserted a role as people capable of making philosophical contribution.

Chiism(Godianism) is the umbrella under which Africa celebrates it’s bouquet of spiritual miracles, voice and connection to Chineke.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke



About globalfaithministriesofchiism

Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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