The word “idol”, in its dictionary meaning is synonymous with “image”, but the European owners of the English language did not call their statues of Jesus and Mary which they use in the Church, “idols”, but extol them in the less offensive synonym of the idol as “images” and defend them with applause as necessary aids to God worship in their Churches – even though the word, “idol” has image as its synonym in the English dictionary.

Upon this fact,Chiism cannot see any reason why European and African writers should continue to use the word “idol” only in reference to the images in African shrines and never use it in reference to the statues of Jesus and Mary and of the Angels in the Church, even though, in the English dictionary they fit the description of “idols”.

Many Africans have placed their faith on the sanctity and honesty of these assertions. They place their emotional and psychological trust, rely upon, stand upon, look to, hold onto these assertions within the very core of their spiritual ability to live in the present and in the after life. However, there is definitely a character issue about the basic essence of foreign Religions. Presently the African continent is wrought with disharmony, and imbalance. There is severe opposition between forces, energy, or people moving in similar and differing directions. Fear, extortion, and spiritual darkness masked as enlightenment, is consuming the fabric of African conscience.

Chiism through a direct spiritual connection to Chineke seeks to ease our passage from fear to freedom…increase our ability to stand and move from anxiety, danger, opposition, and breathe a collective relief.

Itu Uche(Meditation)

@ Inhale feverishly and embrace a conscious attempt to direct the course of of our collective minds

@ Exhale unconscious beliefs which stagnate or stymie the course of events on the African communities.

@ Inhale a proper stimulation of your African intelligence.

@Exhale mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical impediments to your spiritual movement,growth, or evolution.

@Inhale and feel your roots. Be planted…not potted!


Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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