“Imata onwe m bu ighota ihe di mkpa na elu uwa.”Translation: Inquiring about my own origin and relevance is to understand something other than myself…it is a realization of the original goal of the world…harmony”

When we love who we are, we extend an olive branch to the world. Just as wood, stones and water are steeped in the fabric of molecules, we too as humans share the same beginning.

“Anyi ncha bu nwanne!” We are brothers and sisters! How then do we express love for others when we limit it for ourselves…a process as difficult as seeing air? It is as illusive as it is necessary. Yet, it is as necessary as the air we suck into our lungs as we befriend a new morning. Loving ourselves is the truth behind the straddling of unconscious inhibitors that dare to surface only when self denial modulates our consciousness, relegating our sense of pride to the lowest denominator. Even raising our eyes to meet another is as intimidating as climbing the depths of Mount Kilimanjaro. We fret over every act of living as if we are undeserving of the luxury of birth; as if soaking in the golden expanse of the sun is a luxury we do not deserve.

Yet we cannot hide and grow into greatness. Everyone is invaluable as rooted plants not as potted plants. Back when the ancestors mattered to us and elders were expected to instruct the novice about life, the concept of self love was the key to relevance in the community. The elders without prejudice state:”Adighi Ike anagi atu ubi oso.” Translation: The weak cannot travel the distance of the strong. Loving ourselves allows us the opportunity to reach outside of our personal closets and live in the open, marching in step with the rest of the community as important parts of the puzzle called the human being.

Each of us is a necessary silk thread in the human tapestry that when bound rigidly together, help to create a formidable human netting, beholding authentic respect , knowing that just as the fish needs water to expand its lungs, so do we need each other intact to swim through the arduous reeds of life.

@ Nodu na mkpuru enweghi ihe di na imeya (Sit in the quiet of a room free of distractions)

@Kuru ume, juo onwegi ihe mere Chineke jiri ke gi (Breathe and ask yourself why you were created by Chineke)

@ Oburu na onwe ihe mere iji ahugi onwe gi n’anya, kuru ume, kupu ihe ojo ahu (If you can determine what you know is causing your confusion, breath in, and breathe it out.

@Kuru ume, mara kwa na onwe gi onye obula ka gi mma na elu uwa na eku ume ndu( inhale again knowing that you are as precious as the others members of the human society who share mother earth with you.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!


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  1. For what is beauty if not the beholding of the colors that form within the brain and regurgitated by the eyes. We are a part of humanity, colorful to behold, spiritual in temperament. To Chineke be the glory when we see this vision in the mirror. Yagazie!

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