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“I believe that organized religious bodies as they are known in the world today, though the fundamental principles underlying their purposes are good, have, by each in its way canvassing to have all humanity embrace its doctrines, aroused unhealthy competition and mutual jealousy among themselves and blown the world into a tumultuous asylum of warring religious factions”

The objective of the 13th Purgative Light is to demonstrate part of the Chiist Creed which hearten humanity to return to the spiritual tradition of live and let live, build on our diversity, uphold or refine our cultural spiritual traditions, seek knowledge, and above all, come in sync with one collective voice to spread peace and love for the benefit of all humanity. It does not claim exclusive truth. But it claims a universal truth, translatable through many channels irrespective of race color or creed. It encourages humanity to reach beyond the cosset that has been wrapped around the power of Chineke and permit the Spirit to flow freely.

When we begin to hang religion directly on Chineke (the Creator) we create a world that celebrates religious diversity, and we move humanity closer to peace on earth. There is a real need to have the audacity to express our individual spiritual tenets in a way that solidifies our place in the world. This respects the legitimacy of Chineke as the creator of all people and who mandates the moral imperatives of peace as the non- incidental requirement for human sanity.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!



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  1. This purgative light reveals a foundation that is already there but made visible when we risk to think in and see in new ways, and our trust to step into what we fear.

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