Trust in the power of Chineke to bring you love and peace!

Trust in the power of Chineke to bring you love and peace!

Knowledge of God (Chineke)

(Please note that this is direct quotation from ancient text; the generic descriptive “God” has been substituted. The spiritual inclusiveness allows the reader to insert any name for the Creator they feel comfortable with. People with true spiritual knowledge understand the male/female essence of the Creator, so any references to “he” or “his” have been left in as not to change the poetic measure of the writing.) Enjoy and grow!!–Nchuaja, Ikenna Osimiri

To know God you must share his identity–
for only like can know like.
Leave behind the material world,
and imagine yourself immeasurably expansive.
Rise out of time to eternity.
Believe that for you nothing is impossible.
See that you are immortal and learned in every art and science.
Be at home in the haunts of every living creature.
Make yourself higher than the highest
and deeper than the depths.
Embrace within yourself all opposites–heat and cold, hard and fluid.
Think of yourself everywhere at once–on land, at sea, in heaven.
Imagine yourself unborn in the womb,
yet also young and old, and already dead, and in the world beyond the grave.
See that everything co-exist within Mind.
All times and all places.
All things of all shapes and sizes.
Then you will know God.

–Freke, T. & Gandy, P., The Hermetica–the lost wisdom of
the pharohs, 1999,Penquin Putnam,Inc., p.133.


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