To Accept Each Other Is the Duty A Chiist Must Do!

Chiists  have learned that as long as other people believe in Chineke (God) in their traditional tongue, they are  Chiists (Godians), though of a different liturgical and cultural variation. We are reminded that all religious practices are born from the umbilical chord of the culture that births them. We appreciate the differences because we can feel through the diversity, the spiritual generosity of Chineke.  Our responsibility and duty  as Chiists is to encourage others through their faith to be the best open minded, tolerant and spiritual people that they can be, and to do likewise ourselves.  It is up to Chineke to judge which way is deemed acceptable or unacceptable. Though we know that there are the temples of Chineke, we are not Chineke, empowered in anyway to judge Chineke’s Creations because their own manner of giving thanksgiving to Chineke differ from ours. It is not our place nor was it designed to be our charge in life.  To embolden anyone to assume this role demeans Chineke’s power. We must focus on infusing our spiritual practices with acceptance, and respect. Anything else is unacceptable and rumples social harmony.

Chiism (Godianism) is no mystery. It is straight pragmatism. We  enjoy communicating with people regardless of their religious beliefs. What is important is to go beyond the limitations of religious boundaries into the unlimited world of the spirit. This is how the Africans conducted their religious interpersonal relationships back in the days of our honorable ancestors. This has universal application and should be propagated to create the Chiist Modus Operandi…BIRI KA M BIRI (Live and Let Live).

You should know that as an African, European, Asian, Native American, Indian or Arab, to a Chiist you have the right to celebrate Chineke in your own way and exalt who you are as a result. Chineke is  loving , judges no one but gives us options to choose from.  The trick is for us all to accord others the space to embrace their own cultural standards.  It’s the spiritual thing to do!

Otito Nile Diri Chineke!(All glory to the Creator!)


Oke Nchuaja


About globalfaithministriesofchiism

Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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