His Holiness Ahanyi KOK Onyioha, Chiist Spiritual \Teacher

His Holiness Ahanyi KOK Onyioha, Chiist Spiritual \Teacher Ahanyi is now an Honorable Ancestor


The only way to see if you are alive is not to cut your fingers until it bleeds. If you can breathe, walk and do all that represent life, then you are alive. But if bleeding is the only way to convince yourself, then make sure you have adequate first aid.

Such is the human condition as he saw it. Humanity seem to pander to pain and suffering to learn about their human condition, Ahanyi used idioms to convey so much wisdom and we are honored to share his wisdom with humanity.

Here we share with you the remarkable journey of this spiritual Icon, his trials and tribulations and the passion behind Chiism(Godianism).

We thank our Noble Spiritual Teacher for teaching us that there is power in our spirit.

Thank you for teaching us to seek good in all religions.

Thank you for the light you brought to the minds of those who have forgotten how to smile, think and reach.

Thank you for reminding us that from us to Chineke there is no distance.

Thank you for seeing everyone as the greatest person of the century.

Thank you for supporting our goals no matter how foolish it may seem to others.

Thank you for demanding excellence.
Thank you for fighting the good fight against all odds.

Thank you for reminding us that everyone has worth.

Thank you for teaching us that we have no right to die until we have made a difference.

Thank you for teaching us not to live anywhere unknown.

Thank you for the years dedicated to bringing recognition to the contributions of African in the spiritual realm.

Thank you for daring to dream, it has given us the impetus to envisage a brighter tomorrow, to create, to fall on our backs yet rise up with new vigor and thirst for success.

Thank you for reminding us that we knew Chineke before missions arrived.

Thank you for teaching us that everyone has the right to go to Chineke the way they understand best without hatred, without anger and without quarrels.

Most of all thank you for reminding us of our moral and ethical obligations:

I should not do evil, rather I should do good

2. I should not rob anyone.

3.I should not cause pain to anyone.

4. I should not cheat in anyway

5. I should not commit murder

6. I should not defraud the offering meant for Chineke.

7. I should do no harm to anybody.

8. I should not use the name of Chineke to cheat.

9. I should not tell lies.

May Chineke and the Ancestors welcome you with all arms outstretched and in prayer, may we remember these teachings as guidelines to reclaiming Chineke.

Otito Nile Diri Chineke


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Continental Envoy for Global faith Ministries of Chiism
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3 Responses to His Holiness Ahanyi KOK Onyioha, Chiist Spiritual \Teacher

  1. Agbaeze Josiah NWOKOCHA says:

    Please how can I order or read all the books written by His Holiness Ahanyi K O K Anyioha? Agbaeze Josiah Nwokocha

    • Ndewo Agbaeze,

      Thank you for the inquiry. We have a shipment of his book African Godianism coming soon. Also we have some going into print at the end of May. We totally ran out! Ahanyi left many manuscripts that are being prepared for publication. I shall inform you as soon as we get the copies. Again thank you for your interest.


      Dr. Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri

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